We’re experiencing Technical Difficulties!

As you may have noticed, the forum is experiencing some difficulties.  I’m working hard to correct it.  So in the mean time, just sit tight!

Feel free to chat in the comments section on this post until it’s back!



3 Responses to We’re experiencing Technical Difficulties!

  1. Maine Russian says:

    It’s okay Duncan, things go wrong and I know it’s a pain in the butt to straighten it all out again. At least you don’t have to worry about a deck collapsing or a house addition wall falling apart…..of course I have never had that happen but I do worry to excess however. You going to London (or where ever) has inspired me to actually TRY and take a vacation this year. I soooooo want to get up into the North country of Canada and do some kayaking. Crap, I’ll settle for a float on the ocean as that is only meters from here. My last time out of State (business doesn’t count) was years ago…..years! can you hear me sobbing?

    • thedsr says:

      Haha, poor MR! You just gotta DO it man, if you wait for everything to get done before going on a trip, you’ll never go. 🙂

      If you go Kayaking, post pics on the forum please, would love to see ’em. I also plan on taking a kayaking trip soon, but want to buy one first.

      • Maine Rusian says:

        That’s EXACTLY my problem, I always say “When this job is finished I’ll go somewhere” but of course the jobs never end as the next one is pressing so I can get on to the next one and on and on into infinity. I have been extremely fortunate that I have not seen a slowdown in this sour economy but just the thought of it keeps me pushing….in case work dries up. It’s a vicious circle…….

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